Friday, October 31, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

I really enjoy carving pumpkins. For my years as an adult without children each year I would always buy and carve a pumpkin for myself. This year I was especially excited because I am now a mommy! So this year I actually feel very justified in enjoying this tradition. While my dad was here visiting we bought a big daddy pumpkin, a medium mommy pumpkin and a small baby pumpkin. Since little Aly is only about 8 months, she did not seem to interested in staying up late to carve our pumpkin family however I was determined to get it done before Halloween. So on Wednesday night after getting home from a "trunk or treat" party with my sisters family I dressed Aly in her Halloween outfit and started to carve our pumpkins. I think I may have broken some kind of pumpkin carving record as the mommy pumpkin only took about 15 minutes total to complete.This included cleaning out all the seeds and goo! The discovery that made it possible was my small square plastic scrapper that goes to my Pampered Chef baking stone. How did I discover this? Well, I cut the top whole on the pumpkin too small to get a whole ice cream scoop in it (which until now was my tool of choice for the job) so I took a trip into the kitchen and found the scrapper. It was amazing!! I just scraped all around the inside, and all the goo came out in one big ball! I traced my face and cut it out all before my husband had even decided what face to do for the daddy pumpkin. So I then took over and completed the scary faced daddy pumpkin, and then turned my attention to the baby pumpkin. Now, we bought a pretty small pumpkin, not one of the small, flat, four for a dollar ones, but a nice little round one. When I went to cut into it I found that it is rock hard. I am guessing not anywhere near ripe, which is consequently why it is so small, and perfectly round. To try and make a long story short....I ended up drawing a face on it with black puff paint. So my pumpkin family didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it, but it is complete! So now my new little family will be portrayed proudly on my new front porch tonight!! Happy Halloween to all my loyal readers (by loyal readers I mean you Laura :p)

On a separate note, I am currently on my break at work, and taking care of my pumping while updating my blog. I was so into my writing that I failed to notice that one of my bottles has overflowed and soaked my white shirt!! Thank goodness I brought a sweater to work today!

Monday, August 11, 2008

patience is a virtue

This weekend my daughter really tested my patience. All Saturday night she refused to sleep without me holding her. She is usually a really good sleeper so I am sure she wasn't feeling well. My first thought went to gas, so I gave her a dose of Mylicon, laid her down and proceeded to bed. As I rested my head on my pillow and closed my eyes she was crying already. My second thought went to teething pains, so I gave her some numbing ointment, laid her down and proceeded to bed again. This pattern continued for about two hours with nursing, burping, diaper changes etc until I finally gave up and fell asleep on the couch with her sprawled across me. She stayed asleep slightly better in this position but still woke up about every hour until the sun came up. Luckily it was Saturday, so I didn't have to get up early for work the next morning but still, I like my sleep. Back to patience.....half way through the night I became very impatient, a little angry even, that she wouldn't just stay asleep. I kept having to continually remind myself "you are a mom now, you sign up for this" and "your not the only mom in the world that is up with a crying baby right now" She woke up a couple times last night before my husband and I went to bed, I was worried it would be another hard night, but she calmed herself down and drifted off. Before becoming a mom I would have never imagined how much happiness a sleeping baby can bring!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blog.....Why not!

So my sister has turned into a loyal blogger over the last few months. Each day I enjoy logging on and seeing whats on her mind. This is especially fun for me because she watches my daughter Aly while I am at work. So on my lunch I log in and read what they have been up to. It makes me feel connected to my little girl even though we are miles apart. I don't read her blog just to hear about my kid though, I enjoy all her entries. Usually I have already heard first hand about her adventures, but I still read and find it interesting. It kinda makes me feel like I am reading her journal or diary, and what little sister doesn't love to read her big sister's diary! So anyways, I thought since I like to read her blog, she may also enjoy reading mine! So here it goes Laura, see what you've started!